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Neighborhood Watch

Neighbors Looking Out for Each Other

Neighborhood Watch is a self-help community crime prevention program, designed to reduce crime by involving citizens in their communities. The program hinges on the basic crime prevention concept of reducing opportunity for crime through education and awareness. The Neighborhood Watch Program is the most effective means available for keeping crime out of our neighborhoods. Fortunately, good neighbors are found everywhere.

The prevention of crime has traditionally been both a law enforcement duty and a public responsibility. Criminal activity can be reduced if individuls and communities assume roles as partners with law enforcement. Crime is not inevitable; much can be done to reduce it. Individuals and communities can and do make an impact.

Neighborhood Watch programs are not designed as substitutes for law enforcement protection; rather, they supplement law enforcement activities by providing extra eyes and ears. When neighbors know each other personally, they are more aware of each otherís habits and routines. This awareness, in turn, makes them more observant of activities that are suspicious or out of place - such as strange cars in the neighborhood or suspicious persons in the vicinity of a home, while owners are away. Practicing extra awareness will not take a lot of time and will soon develop into a daily routine of watching out for what goes on in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch bottom line: neighbors looking out for each other.

What Your Block Captain Does
  • Keeps an eye on your property when you are out of town
  • Keeps you informed of crime concerns in the area
  • Informs you of emergency events in the community
  • Encourages participation in NW activities

Providing Information to Your Block Captain

It is important that your Block Captain has your phone number and email address; if information has to be sent out in a timely manner, you will be contacted via phone or email. When you are out of town, your Block Captain should have your cell phone number or, person/phone number to contact in case of emergency. Any other information you provide the Block Captain will be helpful.

Click here for a family information sheet that can be filled out with as much detail as you wish and given to your Block Captain. Thank you for participating in Neighborhood Watch!

Block Captains

We have divided our neighborhood into six color-coded areas, each with a Block Captain. Below: locate your lot on the colored map, then identify your Block Captain from the list:
  • Block Captain Coordinator - Toni Nelson - 512-847-1707
  • Petesie Lee - 512-847-8978 - Lot 21 - (ORANGE)
  • Kay Allison - 512-847-1873 - Lot 15 - (RED)
  • Beverly Goebel - 512-847-7677 - Lot 8A - (PURPLE)
  • Pat Koeppe - 512-847-1673 - Lot 72 - (GREEN)
  • Carol Wilson - 512-847-8378 - Lot 42B - (BLUE)
  • Rob Edelson - 512-847-3147 - Lot 24 - (BROWN)

Click here for a pdf version of the map.